-Bring a friend for free til May 6th!
-Be entered to win a free pair of Nobulls or Metcons
-Week 1 of the Washboard challenge stay focused
Front Squat (3×3)
-Warm up to 82.5%
-Then perform three sets of three sets at that weight
“Air Jordan” (Time)

40 Air Squats
20 T2B

Rx+: (50) (25 T2B)
L3: (10-15 T2B)
L2: (Knee to Elbow)
L1: (Hanging Knee Raise) (30 Squats)
Cash Out
1a) 10 Wide Grip Pull-ups
1b) 20 Band Pull Aparts
1c) :30 Isometric Back Ext Hold